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AV Music Morpher Gold

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2009, 16:26
by Nibiru

AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.56 + Crack


AV MUSIC MORPHER GOLD 5.0 makes editing audio and doing DJ tasks just a snap. It is packed full of powerful features including a brand new virtual DJ, a new Converter module, a multi-track recorder and editor, a whole suite of professional effects and famous patented vocal Remover and Extractor.

The DJ module helps users do simple DJ tasks such as re-mixing songs, adding sound FX, adjusting channels, EQ or any one of the hundreds of included studio-quality effects.

The Converter module helps convert multi-format audio files more quickly and conveniently. The Morpher module and Advanced module are newly combined, and a new compact player mode are only some of the great improvements in this version 5.0 for the convenience of the users.

The program is promising to turn any humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio, giving users the power to make their own pop songs, funky hip hop, or DJ remixes. When a user has finished his masterpiece, there's a ready-to-use CD burner for him to burn his favorite songs to CD and share them with his friends.

Fully support Windows OSs: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Image.


    Easy DJ module (NEW)
    Do simple DJ tasks such as re-mixing songs, adding sound FX, adjusting channels, EQ or any one of the hundreds of included studio-quality effects.

    New Player-Only Mode (compact mode) (NEW)
    The simple audio player mode designed for playing back music without any complications or fuss. Users can quickly switch between the compact mode and the full mode to best suit your needs.

    New Morpher module (NEW)
    Developed by combining the former premium Morpher and Advanced modules into one convenient module.

    All-in-one Converter Module (NEW)
    Especially designed for the convenience of users who often have the need to convert audio files.

    Voice Remover (Center Filtering Method), Voice Extractor (Center Filtering Method), and Combined Voice Remover-Extractor
    The premium sound processing tools used to extract or remove the vocals or music from stereo songs.

    Advanced Sound Morpher Tools (such as Voice LPC Pitch Changer, Root Format Mover, Robot Voice, etc.)
    The high-tech, music editing tools used to morph your own music or sounds professionally.

    Versatile Wave Editor
    Accurately extract parts of songs and join them, or insert them, into new music files.

    Music Library Organizer
    A useful assistant to help managing the song library effectively. It can create and edit playlists, or organize songs by singers, formats, albums, etc.

    Integrated Special Sound Effects
    Help improving the quality of songs and add more 'color' to the music. All popular effects from DirectX, VST and other exclusive effects such as Fade-in, Fade-out, Spectrum Peak are available.

    Multi-track Session Editor
    Mix several songs into one on a waveform chart.

    Possessing a Music Player with Multi-format Playback
    Play music in many common audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, AIF, IRC, NIST, AU and more.

    The CD Cover Editor
    Design DVD and CD images.

    Versatile Voice Changer
    Create different voices by adjusting the Pitch and Timbre values.

    Data Burner
    Create DVD/CDs easily and fast. Burn audio files to CD in CDA format as well as burn data to CDs and DVDs. Save time by burning multi-disc projects.

    A Huge Library of Sound Effects
    Popular and vivid audio sound effects to color and enhance music.

    Effects Mixer and Editor
    Modify and combine effects for better music quality.

    Digital Audio Recorder
    Record sounds from a microphone or other sources.

    Multi-channel Mixer
    A professional tool made for song mixing.

    Multi-format Audio Converter
    Convert audio formats from MP3 to WAV, WMA to MP3, or between any of the supported formats, including OGG, APE, AIF, IRC, NIST, AU, and more.

    CD Grabber
    A built-in MP3 ripper to rip audio tracks from CDs to hard drive in any supported format.


    Performing DJ work without effort.
    A unique, easy-to-use DJ-ing tool named Easy DJ to do all the simple DJ tasks such as re-mixing songs, adding sound FX, adjusting channels, EQ or any one of the hundreds of included studio-quality effects. Experience the DJ feeling. (NEW)

    Playing back music without any complications or fuss.
    While using Music Morpher Gold 5.0, you can quickly switch to Player-Only Mode (compact mode) for playing back music without any complications or fuss. This mode also uses less memory. Playing back music sometimes needs no complications. (NEW)

    Converting multi-format audio files with a few clicks.
    A powerful converting tool which helps you convert any file into one of many audio formats in no time. You just need seconds to finish converting all the music files you need, and then load them into your portable music device. Enjoy the convenience. (NEW)

    Navigating easily between the libraries of sound effects.
    Jump back and forth easily between the two libraries of unique sound effects, and navigate to any effect in no time to apply it to your songs. All the studio-quality and unique effects will help to improve your music. No need to care about "How"; just think of what you want to do with a song, and the right effect will be right there. (NEW)

    Removing the vocals or music from stereo songs.
    Convert your favorite music for karaoke singing or to just enjoy the melody without the vocals. Now you can easily and quickly remove the vocals or music from songs.

    Extracting the vocals out of a stereo mix.
    You want to make an "a cappella" song or simply extract vocals for other remixes? Now you have a premium tool to help you do that easily.

    Coloring any Music Playback with Different Vocals.
    Morph the vocals from a male to a female voice or vice versa, and add special audio effects to the music at the same time. Your favorite music will get more unique than ever, and you will have a whole new experience in creating and enjoying music. Bring new life into your music.

    Creating Unique Ringtones from Favorite Songs.
    Create unique ringtones for you cell phone. Cut and save any music clip you love and set it as your ringtone. Make your cell phone a music player with your own set of ringtones.

    Managing Your Music Effectively.
    Organize your musical library in the way you choose so that you can find your favorite songs easily.

    Making Unique Remixes or Medleys of Songs.
    Mix two songs or more together to produce hip hop remixes, or create unique medleys for dancing, DJ-ing, etc.

    Getting more audio formats.
    Work with almost all popular audio formats to make you comfortable. Convert WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, etc. to make a song suitable for any portable device. It's never been easier. Note: mp3surround Fraunhofer license required.

    Making Beautiful Duets from Solo Songs.
    Generate different singing voices from the same artist. Now you can listen to your favorite songs the way you want to.

    Recording Karaoke Songs.
    Cover your own favorite tracks and then save them for your own enjoyment or for sharing with your friends easily and effectively. Your music collection will grow quickly as you add your own unique recordings.

    Making Your Own CDs.
    Record your voice while singing along with a song, then burn it to a CD and even create personalized CD covers and labels, etc. All these tools are ready for you.

    Making Your Songs More Musical.
    Add a "chasing" voice to create a more sentimental sound, or to add depth. Lots of music effects are ready for you to make your songs sound sensational.

    Enhancing the Music Quality of Songs.
    Turn your low quality songs into high quality audio files with just a few clicks. All the tools you need to improve the quality of your songs are offered. Just enjoy the convenience.

    Customizing Audio Clips for Cartoons, Movies, TV shows, etc.
    Create different voices with male, female, adult, baby qualities and more to use with all different kinds of movie clips.

    Version: 5.0
    Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 bits) Image

AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.40 + Crack

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2012, 18:15
by Nibiru

AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.40 + Crack

AV Music Morpher Gold
это наиболее профессиональный и полноценный музыкальный редактор для ди-джеев. Эта DJ-утилита имеет все необходимые возможности для редактирования аудио и эффекты, такие как wah-wah, flanger, echo - reverb, и т.п. В отличие от других подобных утилит, данный DJ-миксер поможет Вам изменить голос, добавить различные биты, и наложить специальные эффекты в режиме реального времени.

Новая версия отличается улучшенным звуковым редактором, позволяет пользователям редактировать и преобразовывать группы трэков, что позволит создавать интересные рэмиксы, медлеи, рингтоны и т.п. Встроенный звуковой редактор многофункционален и крайне прост в использовании, что избавит Вас от покупки дополнительных аудиоредакторов таких как SoundForge. Возможности извлечения и удаления голоса, представленные в версии, оснащены мощным механизмом для разделения голоса вокалиста и музыки.

Music Morpher Gold содержит MP3-рекордер и устройство автоматической смены дисков. В отличие от других МР3 плееров, таких как Winamp, MusicMatch, RealPlayer или Windows Media Player, Music Morpher Gold имеет возможность накладывать эффекты на воспроизводимую музыку в режиме реального времени. Микшер и библиотека эффектов разработаны с учетом разнообразных вкусов и потребностей. Эту утилиту также можно использовать как МР3 конвертер, очень удобный для конвертирования MP3 в WAV, WMA и другие музыкальные форматы. Используя Music Morpher Gold для работы с CD, вы обнаружите такие полезные возможности: копирование аудио трэков на жесткий диск, запись Audio CD, Data CD и Data DVD, создание собственных обложек CD и DVD дисков.

Эта программа поддерживает MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, AU, IRC. Она будет великолепным выбором для проигрывания различных форматов аудио, особенно из пиринговых систем, таких как Kazaa, iMesh, eMusic, Napster, Music Net. Music Morpher Gold поддерживает караоке и плагины. Идеальный выбор для создания DJ-рэмиксов и медлеев, записи CD, CD-караоке, саундтреков, или аудио клипов.

 !  Все файлы предоставляются исключительно в ознакомительных целях. Это означает, что они должны быть удалены в течении 24 часов после загрузки. В противном случае вы нарушаете закон РФ "Об авторском праве и смежных правах", что может повлечь за собой ответственность предусмотренную законодательством.
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